Traditional Stone Hotel

Boutique Hotel

Stone Built Hotel


This traditional boutique hotel to Pelion consists of a group of 5 stone converted buildings (1 with one floor and 4 with two storeys) accommodating 15 rooms in total and the communal and auxiliary spaces, with a total built area of 1,090.33m2 and surrounding area (courtyards-garden) of 1,000m2.  At the northern edge of the group of buildings, the owning has two further plots of 416.11m2 and 303.39m2, which could be used for sports, swimming pool, spa, etc. (one of them currently has an existing stone building which houses the large electric generator). In total, the built area extends to 1.090,33m2 and the total plot area to 2,768.61m2. Prospects of the group’s further expansion exist (through land purchase) north of the company’s properties.


One of the best traditional boutique hotels of Pelion 


On its East side is an area of significant natural beauty (water, trees, birds), and to the west a stream with running water. To the north, there is a public road suitable for cars, whilst to the south is the main road for Volos-Milies-Tsagarada. Opposite the main road, the Anovolios owns a 379m2 piece of land containing a 48m2 existing building, which has a beautiful view and may be extended (suitable for restaurant-cafeteria). 


This amazing hotel is sold fully-equipped and fully furnished and has a very active and well-maintained digital presence and long-lasting trustful clientele.


Built size: 1090,33 m²

SIze of plot: 2,768.61m² + 1098,45m²

Orientation:  South / West 

Altitude: 650 m

Parking area: Yes

Swimming pool: No - Can be built upon request